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Venezuela’s Law Makers Pass New Crypto Bill to Combat Biting Sanctions

According to the ministry of communication and information in Venezuela, the country’s constituent national assembly has approved a crypto-currency regulation bill. The bill which will come into law soon had been proposed by Nicolas Maduro, the country’s president. It contains 64 articles and 5 transitionary provisions. The bill also validates the Petro, Venezuela’s controversial oil-backed […]

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The Irony In Venezuela ‘Petro’ Gold Cryptocurrency-Is It A Tale Of David and Goliath Between The US And Venezuela.

Guest Author – Samson The Venezuela media outlets have reported that the ICO for the Petro cryptocurrency has hit the Venezuela market with a big thud. Furthermore, the Venezuela President Nicholas Maduro through his official Twitter account further confirmed the reports that Petro has received 171,000 willing Venezuela Investors. Does this ring something to you […]