Pudgy Penguins Series 2: Unveiling a Captivating World of Joy, Charm, and Endless Possibilities

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world of Pudgy Penguins Series 2! This highly anticipated second installment of the Web3-born collectible line by PMI Kids’ World is set to make its grand entrance, promising a delightful experience that will…

Pudgy Penguins NFT Launches Toy Collection in 2,000 Walmart Stores

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of the revolutionary NFT brand, Pudgy Penguins, as they make a monumental splash in the digital collectibles space. In this article, we will delve into the recent debut of Pudgy Penguins’ toy collection in 2000…

Walmart Canada launches its blockchain freight tracking and payment system

Blockchain can improve freight management, therefore, the recent launch of a blockchain freight tracking system by Walmart Canada is good news.

Walmart will use a blockchain food supply chain solution for shrimp farming in India

The food supply chain operations are complex, however, blockchain can help. Walmart plans to use a blockchain food supply solution for shrimp farming in India.

A new Walmart cryptocurrency patent could give an edge to the retail giant

A new Walmart cryptocurrency patent application could give a significant edge to the American multinational retail giant in a competitive landscape.

Walmart joins MediLedger, a blockchain pharma supply chain project to combat counterfeit drugs

The problem of counterfeit drugs is a global one, exposing patients to severe risks. Blockchain can help in combating this, and the recent move by the retail giant Walmart to join the blockchain pharma supply chain project MediLedger is a welcome move

The US FDA Looks to Blockchain to Enhance Food Security

An E.coli outbreak in the United States linked to Romain lettuce has led the Food and drug administration (FDA) body, to consider better track and trace methods which will involve blockchain technology. Dr. Scott Lieb, the FDA commissioner announced that…

Walmart to Require Produce Suppliers to Deploy Block-chain Technology

United States Retail powerhouse WalMart and its division Sam’s club which is a membership-only retail warehouse club will require its leafy greens suppliers to put in place a farm to store tracking system based on blockchain technology. The end to…

Walmart to use blockchain for tracking live food

US retail giant Walmart will use the promising blockchain technology to improve tracking and quality assurance in their live food business. Walmart has announced their decision recently at the MIT technology Review’s “Business of Blockchain” conference. Large businesses sourcing raw…

Walmart Plans to Reduce Cost Of Doing Business using Blockchain

Guest Author – Samson Walmart plans on using blockchain to facilitate shipping through tracking packages on transit.  Walmart patent application filed on August 2017 will allow them to deploy the smart package to aid in tracking of the goods in…