A proposed privacy-focused web browser is now part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio

Trackers, ads, cookies, etc. regularly invade users’ privacy when they browse the Internet. A proposed privacy-focused browser as part of the IBM blockchain patents portfolio could provide welcome help.

A new IBM blockchain supply chain platform will make supplier management easier

A new IBM blockchain supply chain platform, created in collaboration with Chainyard, and governed by several businesses together, will add value to supplier management with the power of blockchain.

A new blockchain cross border payments solution from Visa to transform corporate cross-border payments

Cross-border payments is a large and growing sector, however, it’s slow, costly, and opaque. A new blockchain cross border payments solution from Visa, targeting corporate cross-border payments will help.

6 banks plan to issue their own digital tokens on Stellar blockchain backed by fiat currency

Six international banks have laid out plans to issue their own stable coins, or digital tokens backed by Fiat currency, on IBM’s Stellar-powered money wiring service. This was reported by both IBM and stellar. IBM’s Stellar powered money wiring service…

IBM private blockchain patent seeks to protect enterprise blockchains from “Replay attacks”

Enterprise blockchains need protection from replay attacks. A new IBM private blockchain patent proposes a solution in this regard.

IBM blockchain patents targeting network security and database management published

Network security and database management are two areas where blockchain can help. New IBM blockchain patents in these areas have significant potential.

IBM blockchain supply chain solution keeps oranges fresh and juicy with an efficient bill of lading!

Bill of lading is time-consuming and impacts the container shipping industry. IBM blockchain supply chain solution is reducing the time to complete bill of lading, as a pilot project to track an orange shipment shows.

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Signs Deal with IBM for a Blockchain Pilot across its Value Chain

The latest Blockchain adoption news comes from the Middle East with the Abu Dhabi national oil company (ADNOC) partnering with IBM to pilot blockchain-based transaction management for its commodities right from the oil rigs to the eventual end users. The…

IBM seeks to patent a blockchain drone security solution

The technology giant IBM intends to patent a blockchain drone security solution. They had filed the patent application in March 2017. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently published it hence, the application is open for public…

IBM and Plastic Banks are Using the Blockchain for Recycling Work in Haiti

The blockchain is at it again, this time helping to clean up the oceans which is thanks to the efforts of plastic bank. Plastic bank is a non-profit that pays people in developing countries for handing over recyclable plastic using…