NEO has joined the .NET Foundation, which is good news for blockchain DOTNET development

Blockchain technology is highly promising, however, developers need support in the form of open-source tools and frameworks. NEO has recently joined .NET Foundation, which should make blockchain DOTNET development easier.

The Azure Blockchain Platform has adopted VeriSol, a smart contract verification solution from Microsoft Research

Smart contract bugs are increasingly attracting attention, however, smart contract verification is challenging. The Azure Blockchain Platform has now adopted VeriSol, a smart contract verification tool from Microsoft Research, which should help.

Microsoft enters the promising blockchain identity solutions space

Identity management has a large market, however, it’s plagued with challenges. Blockchain can help here, and the recent move by Microsoft into the blockchain identity solutions space is a good news.

Microsoft Ventures will invest in India for blockchain and IoT start-ups

Venture capital investment arm of the global tech giant Microsoft is returning to India. The focus of their investment efforts will be Indian start-ups working on blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous vehicles. Microsoft Ventures, i.e. the venture capital…