ethereum scam
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Guarda Reports two Alleged Ethereum Scam forks that are Appropriating user’s Private Keys

Ethereum has been hit by a new scam with Altcoins Ethereum Nowa (ETN) and Ethereum classic vision (ECTV) appropriating user’s private keys of users trying to redeem their allegedly forked coins. The suspected scam was unearthed by a report by the Guarda wallet development team on January 11. The Ethereum Nowa project’s official website which […]

ukraine regulation
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over-regulation is Stifling the Crypto Space in Ukraine according to the Country’s Central Bank Official

According to a Ukrainian central bank official, overregulation in Ukraine is putting a ceiling on crypto development in the country. According to the director of strategy and reform department of NBU, Mikhail Vidyakin, too many institutions in Ukraine have been granted the authority to regulate crypto-currencies. According to local crypto publication, LetKnow, the institutions that […]

brazil president
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New Brazilian President Shreds Plan by previous Administration of Launching Crypto-currency for the Country’s Indigenous People

Newly elected Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, who assumed office only a week ago has criticized a project that had offered to create a crypto-currency for indigenous people and revealed that plans to advance that project had been shelved. Bolsonaro also stated that his administration was soon going to open a “blackbox” which is a reference […]

asset freeze
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Australian Authorities Freeze Assets Belonging to former Bit-connect Director, John Bigatton

The Australian securities and investments commission (ASIC), which is that country’s version of America’s Securities and Exchange Commission, has executed an asset freeze on Bitconnect’s John Bigatton. Bigatton who is a director and shareholder at Bitconnect has also been barred from traveling pending investigations into the Bitconnect scam. Bitconnect as a whole is under the […]

Cryptocurrency Government India Regulations

Indian Investors Warned off Crypto by Local Authorities

Even as crypto enthusiasts look forward to a possibly sunnier 2019 when it comes to the crypto markets, some jurisdictions are casting heavy clouds on that possibility. The police in the Indian state of Jahmu and Kashmir have issued a public statement which effectively warns the public against investing in crypto-currencies. This is according to […]

Brenna Sparks
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Crypto Cutie!!! Adult Film star, Brenna Sparks is on a Mission to Aid Crypto Adoption

Adult film star Brenna Sparks is now doubling as a crypto promoter as well as getting involved in various interviews and stunts that talk up cryptos. In an email that followed up a meeting with coindesk, she addressed the sideways crypto market at the moment by stating that “Traveling upwards doesn’t require the path to […]

power cut
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Republic of Abkhazia Cuts Power on 15 Crypto Mining Facilities inorder to save on Electricity

Crypto mining activities hit a snag in the Republic of Abkhazia after the government decided to cut power to 15 crypto mining facilities. This action was explained in a Facebook post by state electric utility Chernomorenergo RUE, where they cited electricity concerns as the reason behind their actions. According to the post by Chernomorenergo, the […]

bitmain miner
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is Bitmain Cashstrapped? Questions Rise after reports of Several Layoffs

Several reports indicate that popular crypto mining giant Bitmain could be cash-strapped. Co-founder of crypto-fund, Multi-coin capital, Kyle Samani appeared to indicate the same in his tweet, where he suggested that Bitmain looked set to liquidate some its crypto-assets in order to accumulate fiat funds to run its business operations. Samani also went on to […]