Nicehash mining company was hacked and lost more than 4700 bitcoins, equivalent to $75 million

A Slovenia-based mining exchange, NiceHash was hacked on Wednesday the 6th and stole around 4,700 Bitcoins (equivalent to approx. $75 million at the time of hack). As per Marko Kobal, the attackers accessed the company’s systems at 1.18 local Slovenian time. The hackers are believed to be based outside the European Union, had started stealing […]

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Bitcoin Hits All Time High of 11,000$ and drops 18% within a day, concerns Wall Street

Bitcoin has reached all time high of 11,000$ attracting critics from some of the prominent old style Wall-Streeters like Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Bridgewater CEO Ray Dalio and even Vanguard founder Jack Bogle. Some call it a bubble and some call it an opportunity of the lifetime to make money.The wave of cryptocurrency has mesmerized everyone in […]