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Future of Intellectual property protection on a blockchain ? by Huawei

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China-based networking and telecommunications giant Huawei has applied for a patent, to use blockchain for the purpose of protecting intellectual property rights. Filed in August 2016, and currently being evaluated by China’s State Intellectual Property Office, the patent application intends to add a verification feature when content is distributed peer-to-peer. With the pervasive […]

Blockchain Blockchain Patents

Intel plans to infuse blockchain technology into genetic sequencing

Technology giant Intel plans to bring in the blockchain technology into the world of genetic sequencing. One of their recent patent applications involves using the resource-intensive “Mining” operation of blockchain, to transform the complex process of genetic sequencing. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) contain the genetic information for living organisms. Nucleobases make up […]

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British Telecom obtains patent for cybersecurity measure that will protect blockchain.

British Telecommunications PLC (BT), which is the largest telecom and internet provider in the UK, had filed a patent application for a proposed cybersecurity measure to protect blockchain. On October 31st, the US Patent and Trademark office has awarded this patent to BT. Talk about protecting blockchain from cyberattack can be surprising! Blockchain has a […]

Blockchain Blockchain Patents

Sony obtains Patent for User Authentication System using Blockhain

Japanese technology giant Sony is planning to bring in the promising blockchain technology into the realm of user authentication. On October 26th, the US Patent and Trademark office has released a patent application filed by Sony, which shows how Sony will use blockchain to implement multi-factor authentication system (MFA). MFA is a well-known optimal user […]

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Bank of America owns an impressive Patent for Cryptocurrency Exchange System

Nowadays the price of Bitcoin is touching new heights every hour, so the trader and cryptocurrency exchange platforms are adopting new innovative ways to provide safe and secure service to their customers. In this order Bank of America has owned a very significant patent for its enterprises level consumer. On Dec 5th the U.S. Patent […]